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Discover what makes Phibro a global leader in animal nutrition.

When you work with Phibro, you get more than product in a bag. We incorporate our in-depth knowledge and understanding of chemical processing, logistics, manufacturing and animal production systems into everything we do. Phibro delivers quality assurance and control, product innovation and customer focused solutions.

Quality Assurance + Control

Everything we produce starts with good raw materials. Many of our ingredients come from sources outside of the United States, so we inspect the resources and confirm that we are doing business with facilities that have the documentation and practices Phibro needs to ensure that we are purchasing quality ingredients. Quality is paramount, which is where our Dynamic Quality Assurance® process plays an essential role. DQA® influences every decision we make. It’s how we approach our manufacturing process and is integrated into all parts of our supply chain.

Product Innovation

No one stays in business for more then 150 years without continuing to innovate. We work closely with the world’s top research & development houses so we are able to evaluate and ensure the viability of new products. We are continuously fine-tuning product quality, supply and capacity. By utilizing applied research and data at each level of product development, we are able to ensure that each product meets the high standards required in everything we produce.

Customer Focus

Getting it right the first time is what our customers expect from us. They want us to be on the spot with inventory right when they need it – the right product at the right place at the right time. DQA provides the assurance that what they are buying is free of risk. We stand behind everything that we sell. We provide each dairy customer with a dedicated Dairy Technical Specialist who provides the necessary insights and solutions needed to make their business thrive.

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