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Enhanced Website Demonstrates Health and Production Benefits of Supporting Dairy Cow Immune Function

Research has demonstrated that it is far more cost-effective to maintain a healthy immune system in dairy cattle than to treat health and disease issues.

Toward that goal, Phibro Animal Health Corporation (Phibro) has enhanced and re-launched its website,, to demonstrate the benefits of a properly functioning immune system in supporting dairy cow health and productivity.

The website offers an expanded selection of articles, videos and other resources about managing the year-round sources of stress that can weaken dairy cows’ immune function, making them more susceptible to disease and other health problems.  Features include:

  • Nutritional and other management recommendations relating to key health challenges, such as heat stress, forage quality and the transition period.
  • A summary of the Immunity Challenge, a multi-year study conducted on more than 400 dairies with more than 250,000 cows throughout the United States. The study demonstrated health benefits and improved milk production for cows fed Phibro’s nutritional specialty product, OmniGen-AF®, compared to non-supplemented cows.
  • Testimonials from producers who have utilized good nutrition and proper management strategies to help promote a healthier, more productive herd.

Rod Isham, Phibro’s OmniGen-AF Product Manager, notes that maintaining  a healthy immune system may lead to overall benefits including reduced mastitis and metritis, lower somatic cell count, less death loss and culls, better reproductive efficiency and increased milk production. “The objective of this website is to help dairy producers and their consultants better understand and manage health challenges to help reduce the occurrence of disease in their herds,” he said. “This may result in lower treatment costs and more days spent in profitable milk production, which can increase total dairy income.”

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