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Phibro Introduces New Mobile App to Evaluate Profit Impact of Supporting Herd Health

QUINCY, Ill. (Jan. 14, 2016) – Dairy herd health issues can significantly impact producers’ bottom line, which is especially challenging during lower milk prices.

Phibro Animal Health Corporation has developed a new mobile app to demonstrate how implementing strategies to support normal immune function may lower the risk of typical herd health events and create more profit potential.

The app calculates the potential impact of feeding Phibro’s OmniGen-AF® nutritional specialty product, based on national herd record analysis by Phibro and taking into account the typical costs for issues like mastitis and metritis as well as health-related cull and death loss.

Phibro continues to conduct a multi-year study called the “Immunity Challenge” and has evaluated the health and production records of hundreds of dairies across North America.  The Immunity Challenge study, combined with university research and other controlled field studies, shows that OmniGen-AF helps support normal immune function in dairy cattle against year-round stress factors. Having a healthy immune system may result in significant reductions in major health issues, such as mastitis and metritis, lower somatic cell counts and cows spending more days per lactation in the milking string.

Daily feeding of OmniGen-AF costs about $55 per cow, per year. Years of analysis shows that adding it to all dairy rations may increase gross profits by $300* or more per cow, per year.

“With dairies under pressure because of lower milk prices, our new app is designed to illustrate to producers and their nutritionists how incorporating OmniGen-AF can help lower costs through improved herd health and productivity,” said Rod Isham, OmniGen-AF product manager. “Healthier cows will have more days producing high quality milk and require less time and cost to treat health and disease issues.”

Isham said the app will be used in all dairy situations and is an exciting new tool for Phibro’s dairy technical specialists to use with producers and nutritionists in evaluating the OmniGen-AF difference.

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*The value portrayed is not a guarantee and should be considered only as a guideline for potential savings. Results based on recommended feeding directions.

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