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Nutritional and Management Considerations Before, During & After Heat Stress

WI Farm Report Radio Interview

DTM Dennis Nuzback speaks to Pam Jahnke with the Wisconsin Farm Report about using Omnigen-AF to optimize health and optimize profitability, and information about the new Phibro app.

Heat Stress

Heat Stress & Dairy Cattle

Heat stress is costly to the dairy industry. According to the United States Department of Agriculture losses include higher milk production costs, lower milk receipts for dairy producers and higher prices for consumers. Losses at the farm gate alone are estimated to be $1.2 billion per year. *

*Climate Change, Heat Stress, and U.S. Dairy Production, United States Department of Agriculture Economic Research Service, Report number 175 September 2014.

Introduction to OmniGen-AF


The OmniGen Difference Video

The OmniGen-AF® Difference Challenge, conducted on dairy operations across North America, has demonstrated the importance of a well-functioning immune system to support dairy cattle health and milk production.  OmniGen-AF is recommended to be fed to dry, pre-fresh and lactating cows on a daily basis to help support normal immune function in the face of expected and unexpected stress events. Feeding OmniGen-AF every day to your herd helps support normal immune function, which may in turn result in fewer health events, a lower somatic cell count and fewer cases of mastitis and metritis. This may lead to higher milk production and fewer unplanned culls.

As illustrated in the chart, health improvements included significant reductions in the number of mastitis cases per month, metritis cases as a percentage of fresh cows, retained fetal membrane cases as a percentage of fresh cows, the number of cows delivered to the hospital pen and total herd death loss.

The OmniGen Difference

Introduction to OmniGen-AF – French

Introduction to OmniGen-AF – Dutch

Introduction to OmniGen-AF – Italian

Introduction to OmniGen-AF – Portugese

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