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In February 2012, Cross Winds Dairy in Alburgh, Vermont, USA was experiencing challenges with overall health and productivity. Owned and operated by the husband and wife team, Newton and Darlene Reynolds, they were concerned with herd health, and milk quality issues. Further, the involuntary culling rate due to health issues and death losses was more than the Reynolds were willing to accept. In talking with their nutrition consultant it was determined that challenges due to variable forage quality
along with the daily demands of high milk production was causing the herd to experience a higher than normal level of day-to-day stress. The nutritionist recommended the Reynolds add OmniGen-AF® to the dry, transition and lactating diets. OmniGen-AF is a unique, patented,
complementary feed product from Phibro Animal Health Corporation, that is recommended to be fed to dry, pre-fresh, and lactating cows on a daily basis.

The nutritionist then enlisted the help of the area Phibro Dairy Technical Specialist to assist in monitoring changes in cow health and performance once the OmniGen-AF was added. In the ensuing two-year period, the Reynolds’s concerns with health and culling greatly diminished. Somatic cell count dropped from 270,000 to 200,000 and stayed there. With fewer losses due to unexpected culls, they were able to grow their herd again, going from 473 to 598 lactating cows.

To learn more about OmniGen-AF talk to your dairy nutrition
expert or contact your area Phibro Dairy Technical Specialist.

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“Our approach is to keep cows healthy and minimize problems
and losses due to sick animals.” -Darlene Reynolds

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“The decision to feed OmniGen-AF has been a key factor the last two years
as we work to grow our herd and maintain good health. We’re spending
less time and effort to treat sick cows and our culling is down.”
-Newton Reynolds

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