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It is the job of nutritionists, veterinarians and dairy producers to keep dairy herds healthy, productive and profitable.

It is far more important and cost effective to promote health, by maintaining a healthy immune system, than it is to treat disease.  Maintaining a healthy immune system is one of the dairy producer’s most economically rewarding management tools.

The benefits of maintaining a healthy immune system are many, and include;

  • Reduced cases of mastitis
  • Fewer retained foetal membranes (RFM’s)
  • Reduced cases of metritis
  • Lower somatic cell count (SCC)
  • Fewer cows in the hospital pen
  • Increased milk production
  • Better reproductive efficiency

A healthy immune system is paramount in protecting dairy cows against bacterial and viral pathogens while helping to reduce a wide range of diseases associated with these organisms.

Proper management and good nutrition can help reduce the occurrence of disease in dairy cattle, which can result in lower treatment costs and more days spent in profitable milk production, which equates to increased total dairy income.

It is well recognised that transition cows are susceptible to disease and reduced productivity, related to the unavoidable stressors of calving and lactation.

Daryl and Jenny Smethurst milk 270 cows with their son Troy at Athlone, Victoria. OmniGen-AF was added to the lead feed of their 270 cow herd in July 2014 and continued into the milker feed on the recommendation of local Phibro Sales Manager, Chris Lawton, planning to improve the overall health of the herd.

“We normally have a dozen to 15 RFM’s each year.  This year we had two.  One of those was an induced cow, and the other was a late calver that missed getting OmniGen-AF in her lead feed,” Daryl said.

“Also, this year we have not been worried about our SCC going over 250,000.  There has been a definite improvement in that too,” Daryl went on to say.

“There has been a definite improvement in the health of our cows this year.  We have seen the benefits of healthier cows and will definitely continue to feed our cows OmniGen-AF,” Daryl said.


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Daryl Smethurst (right) with son Troy with their herd at Athlone.

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